Enjoy your morning on our terrace, discussing plans for the day!
The Crimean Tatar style coffee will make you feel happy, and the breakfast that we serve is not only cooked with the best of the best from the local market, but is also a treat for the eyes! Take a glance on the elegantly decorated table with the antique tea pot and fruit bowl!
We serve breakfast from 8.00 until 10.00 in the morning for 50 UAH p.person.

If you prefer to be on your own, you are welcome to try our “Tea for two” service. It includes the table service on your own terrace – for the whole day. Coffee and tea free of charge. Late breakfast till 10.30 am. The perfect opportunity to indulge oneself! Price of 80 UAH per room per day.

We hope you will love your stay with us and your days will be full of bright impressions! Let us give you a break and serve you a delicious dinner in the evening. We cook traditional Crimea Tatar meals which are really healthy with much fresh and grilled vegetables and lean meets. Vegetarian dishes on request.