About us

Bakhchisaray, “the Garden Palace”, – is an historical, legendary city, the true isle of Orient, sleeping among a spectacular mountain range. In the midst of this city, behind the Khan Palace, one may find our very special hotel, where we have blended a hundred years of Crimean Tatar hospitality with modern comfort and a wide range of service. These combine to make your visit both relaxing and inspiring!

Our guest house “Bahitgul” – “the Flower of Happiness” – was built in the old oriental style by the owners themselves. Your friendly host takes pride in the personal care of her guests .

While staying here our guests find their own vacation style : some of them hike to the cave cities in the surrounding mountains, the others discover their passion for history of Crimean Tatar and go to visit the Khan Palace, the museums, mosques and ancient mausoleums. Many prefer rock climbing and mountain biking – there’s always something new to do here!

The breakfast is served on the terrace in the garden . We welcome you to spend the warm evening here, drinking a tea or a wine and smelling the flavour of the mountain herbs.